Amarrar a los cerros

Aldair Indra

In collaboration with Yhomara Muñoz
Record of intervention in Alto Pampahasi, Alpacoma, Mallasa, Alto Achumani, in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.
Registration and edition of Antonio Elías
10 minutes

“What people say is that in Callapa a cholita (Bolivian peasant woman) had been seen. I don’t know if it is true or not…. and  that she made it collapse.. According to them, the cholita is a viper, she is like a viper, she became a viper.”

Aldair Indra & Yhomara Muñoz performed an intervention in the four highest regions of La Paz, Bolivia: Alto Pampahasi, Alpacoma, Mallasa y Alto Achumani. These areas have been categorized as “zonas negras”, i.e. not to be developed.. They are located in the suburbs of La Paz.

The Lengua-Maskoy  believe that a campfire made with rosewood protects dwellers from evil spirits. They attribute such a property to a particular clarity of the flames arising from the  burning wood. In fact, it is observed that many Lengua- Maskoy make their fires almost exclusively with rosewood. If any of the indigenous people have seen the evil spirit or have had contact with a person who has seen the spirit the people can be purified with the smoke of this burned wood.