Cristóbal Cea

Installation. Variable sizes.

Arca is a video installation that links the biblical account of the Universal Flood with the history of the National Museum of Fine Arts. Focusing on a reading of the Flood that emphasizes the loss of humanity over Noah’s salvation and his family, the installation of Cea proposes a recovery of stories and stories – often forgotten – that relate to the stories of the Museum, its sculptures, the myths and stories in which these sculptures are based. The main video consists of a tour of the museum in slow motion, where a narrator joins at the same different stories – personal, institutional, mythological – referring to the flood, the historical and mythological represented by the sculptures, and the artists who had created them. This is crisscrossing by computer-generated sequences where the museum seems to be flooded: With water falling down the stairs and skylights to finally flood the entire first level and become a real lagoon.

A series of video sculptures is complementing this video; monitors and screens of different types arranged on pallets and packaging material, in which are presented digital models of the sculptures of the Museum in animations permanently seemly adrift. These digital models have been part of a joint work between the artist and the conservation department of the museum, where using photogrammetry technology, they have been able to digitize some 18 sculptures of the collection and the deposits, to turn them into three-dimensional models that embody the last stage of conservation: the digital simulation.