Aysén profundo

Philine von Düszeln & Pablo Ocqueteau

Interactive web document

Aysén Profundo is an interactive documentary and multimedia that through videos, texts, audios, and images takes us to Patagonia’s homes and workshops. This trip through the region reveals the secrets of trades and traditions, the hand of those who still struggle to live the way their land taught them.

Aysén Profundo was financed by the Regional Fund for Culture and Arts of Aysén and sponsored by UNESCO. It was finalist for the “One World Media Award” in London in 2013, and nominated among the three best Latin American projects in the “Deutsche Welle International Journalist Award” (2013).

Aysén Profundo was created with the collaboration of Claudio Vergara (Edition), Cristian Saldía (Graphic Design), Rodgers Hermosilla (Programming), Mauricio Osorio (Anthropologist Guide), and Leonardo Ocqueteau (Journalist).

* * *


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