La isla [reconocimiento]

Rainer Krause

Four audio channels
Computer, projector.


La Isla [recognition] is a collaborative project, based on the potential contribution of the inhabitants and visitors of South America. In the project a map of the South American subcontinent is constructed through the sounds of the boundaries between water and land (coasts, beaches, cliffs, etc.). These sounds are recorded along all the coasts by the inhabitants and visitors, who have a cell phone with internet connection and GPS.

An application for these cell phones, downloadable free from Google play and Apple store will allow a recording of coastal sounds -with the cell phone’s internal microphone- to be sent to the website <>, along with the geolocation data of the recording. On the web page a software builds a map through these points and its connection to neighboring points, and relates them to the sent sounds. The more maritime-coastal sounds exist, the more precise the map of the subcontinent is constructed.