Las necesidades del consumo popular

Fernando Portal

Portable turntable: enameled fiberglass housing, enameled steel sheet and functional components from different IRT model 5-VT-2 turntables (Victrola Capissimo), 1972
Calculator: enameled steel cabinet, nixie tube screen, internal controller based on raspberry pi
Economy earthenware set: enameled earthenware. different sizes
Meal spoon powder: Polyurethane, milk powder

Between January 1971 and September 1973, the Design Group of the Chilean Technology Research Committee (INTEC) developed different consumer goods, capital goods and public goods, which would be produced by the nationalized industrial platform and distributed by the market and state agencies. This process was interrupted by the military coup, reason why most of these projects never were produced, being its existence relegated to a limited set of prototype images.

“Las necesidades del consumo popular”, presents part of a collection of more than 100 objects – from appliances to furniture – that have been constructed from an investigation of original documents. Through its construction, it seeks to give a new body to this set of ideas, trajectories and displacements that show new aspects of our modern period.