Lecciones de abismo

Paz Ortúzar


Lecciones de Abismo is a  project, specially formulated for its exhibition in the context of the 13 Biennial of Medial Arts, consists of an investigation that addresses the multidimensionality of the Earth from the action of lowering the eyes and observing the surface by which we move.

The scientific analysis of a territory is far from the experience of feeling that the earth moves under our feet. All geographic and/ or geological understanding of the functioning of our planet is asymmetric in relation to the human dimension, rendering the magnitude of the systems that found it impossible.

The project consists of an installation of a procedural nature centered on two notions: chance and displacement, fundamental ideas for understanding the functioning of the tectonic plate system: “As we sit here, the continents drift like leaves in a pond” ( Bill Bryson).

The work is a chronicle from a specific geographical place and in a certain time, a search to understand the space that constitutes the earth under our feet from experience. The project is articulated as a cosmos of small gestures, micro and macro systems composed of actions, videos, drawings, speculations, exchanges, collections and narrative constructions.