Rainer Krause


Monitor, five audio channels
Eight-hour soundtrack



The members of the RadioRuido.2 team recorded the voice of 100 people, from four different locations (Concepción, Valparaíso, Santiago and Iquique), counting from number 1 to 160.

Subsequently the audio files received on 160 tracks were edited: track number 1 contains all the numbers 1 of the 100 people recorded, one after the other with small irregular pauses between them; track # 2 contains all the numbers 2 of the 100 people recorded, and so on to track # 160, which contains all the numbers 160 of the 100 people recorded. Each audio track will last 3 minutes.

N is asked about the relationship between analog-singular human voice and globally standardized digital media. In N we fill a room complete with the presence of one hundred individuals through their voices for a certain time. The human voice identifies the individual in a similar way to the image of the face; Tessitura, intonation, dynamics, quality and accent are configured differently in each singularity

In the voice, apparently contradictory aspects are superimposed at the same moment; the voice is a unique figure of the transfer, transforming itself into a means of communication between humans and transmitting conventional signs (consensual language), such as moods and affections. The human voice indicates the condition of the body that issues it (age, sex) and its membership in a social group. As a verbal medium, it is discursive and iconic: it talks and shows. The spoken voice also requires a listener, since this speech emission must be listened to.

Although the voices of 100 people are in the first instance a magnitude, where the number of voices is defined by their character of number, the set of voices is not transformed into mass. Each voice maintains its individuality, both with respect to other voices and in relation to the totality of the artistic work: there is no post-production that manipulates or homogenizes the voices’ sonority beyond a slight normalization of volume. The 100 voices are rather a multitude of voices.