Martín Bakero


Pneutrin@s (Tactical divers) was conceived  after an underwater sighting in Lake Futaleufquén, in which we made out an unidentified creature at several meters that sank and then resurfaced from  the deep. We imagined the sound of that being and how we would meet it. Armed with microphones and speakers, we began to make verses and break down words or syllables that took us to the depths beyond the surface. We realised that the sound surrounds us and not only is delivered frontally, and we began to use a quadraphonic system, in which the speakers envelop the people who listen to it. Four microphones positioned  differently also allow the variation of vocal sound. The voices issued by Martín Bakero are transformed and spatialized in real time by Larva and addressed to the four speakers that transport the listener to unknown dimensions. Sometimes rhythms accompany this trance, to produce a dance of poetry, in which the poems underwater unleash a frenetic rhythm that acts like pure oxygen. Images of our moving poems are projected onto our bodies during the presentations, dressed in white these projections are captured by our costumes and overflow to the screen. Our scenery comprises seaweed surrounding electroacoustic machines and objects, transparent balloons that are hung behind us and give a relief to the images. Sometimes we use pneumatic weapons that emit explosive texts. Other times we burn certain poems to leave free space to the imagination and read what is drawn between the ink and the paper.

Watch the video that contains a record of the execution of the work, so you can appreciate the multimedia work made:

You can access the complete sound poetry album Pneutrin@s in: