Sonidos de Alma

Antonio Hales

Enrique Rivera

Rodrigo Finger


Sonidos de ALMA  is a meeting point between radio-astronomy captured by the Atacama Large Millimeter/ submilliter Array (ALMA) and the music created from the observations of the most important radio telescope in the world. 


The project was born of the recurrent anxiety of artists and astronomers to understand and transcend the Universe. More precisely, the project develops with the arrival in Chile of the music and innovation festival Sonar+D: the perfect place for astronomers and musicians to look for a common language. The organisers of the festival propose the project to ALMA, and together they gave stimulus to the idea. 


The task was not easy as the waves captured by ALMA are of a completely different nature from the usual raw material used by musicians. The ALMA astronomer, Antonio Hales, and the engineer at the University of Chile, Ricardo Finger, developed a method to maintain the cosmic origin in the sounds created. 


Finally, Sounds of ALMA is an initiative seeking to interpret and decode the frequencies of the Universe by transforming them into sounds with the aim of composing, sharing and creating a platform for sound makers from all over the world to unite them around sounds that captivate the human being for thousands of years. The project was developed by Antonio Hales (ALMA scientific operations astronomer), Ricardo Finger (electrical and academic engineer of the University of Chile) and the audiovisual director and curator Enrique Rivera (Director of the Chilean Video and Biennial Corporation of Media Arts)